Judging the Charter

The Charter in judicial practise with a special focus on the case of protection of refugees and asylum seekers

Exercises and Training Materials

In this section you will find exercises that are designed for testing out your knowledge about the Charter. Most of them are designed as multiple choice questions, some also give you room for an individual answer. As soon as you have ticked the boxes or inserted you answer you will get the ‘right’ answer or at least an assessment, how a specific situation could be dealt with.

Most of the materials are addressed to trainers of trainings for judges and legal professionals. These are on the one hand exercises to be used in blended learning and on the other hand case studies that are provided for download and print for the immediate use in a training session. Case studies are composed of two parts – one for participants and the other one for trainers/facilitators. The first one describes the facts of the case and formulated questions. The latter presents the findings of the court, eventually further questions and/or guidance for discussion.


Check your knowledge - Applicability (15 Exercises)

Asylum and Migration

Check your knowledge - Asylum and Migration (5 Exercises)


Check your knowledge - Dignity (1 Exercise)


Check your knowledge - Equality (2 Exercises)

General Information

Check your knowledge - General Information (10 Exercises)

Procedural Rights

Check your knowledge - Procedural Rights (2 Exercises)